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For any homeowner with a fireplace, cheap house coal is something that will always be essential for being able to keep your fire burning strong, bright and healthy without having to break the bank. We here at Quality Coal are expert coal merchants Stockport, and when it comes to supplying cheap house coal we’re the first choice for a huge number of people. That doesn’t exactly tell you why you should invest in coal over other fuels such as logs, however, so we thought we’d state the case for house coal! And of course, when it comes to cheap house coal, we could only ever recommend you look into the … Readmore

If you live in an area where smoke control is in effect and traditional house coal simply isn’t something you can burn, the reason why you should utilise smokeless coal is all too clear to see! There are, however, many benefits to using smokeless coal that make it a perfect choice for just about every homeowner looking to kindle their fireplace and keep warm. Offering exceptional performance, smokeless coal offers a consistently higher heat than traditional house coal, lasting up to 40% longer as well as burning more efficiently. If you’re attempting to heat your house practically, you’ll find that you need less coal to achieve the proper temperature and … Readmore

It isn’t until you’ve experienced sitting in front of a warm fireplace that you can truly appreciate why having one is an incredible must-have for any home! As well as practically heating your home, watching the flames calmly dance back and forth is a relaxing and ambient viewing that anyone can appreciate, so long as you have the right ovals or fuels to burn. Naturally, we here at Quality Coal only want to make owning a fireplace the best experience it can be, so we’ve got a huge range of fireplace accessories in Manchester for you to There’s two things we care about most here at Quality Coal, and that’s … Readmore