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We have a tremendous selection of smokeless coal Manchester-wide, but the most popular choice by far is our stock of top quality anthracite. It happens to be one of the most well-known smokeless coals around, if not the most recognised pick, so we’re hardly surprised – but just what are the benefits of utilising anthracite over traditional house coal alternatives? For one, burning anthracite as your chosen smokeless coal Manchester-wide is fundamentally less expensive than burning other conventional heating methods. Even if you’re comparing its efficiency to home heating oil, just one ton of anthracite smokeless coal can equal almost 200 gallons and produce 8,200 kilowatt hours’ worth of electricity. … Readmore

Do you feel your house is looking a little bit on the dim side recently? Maybe you’ve got a chimney that you’ve not had the chance to use yet – in which case we could only recommend that you find the finest coal merchants Stockport has to offer, get your chimney nicely swept, and order up some ovals to burn brightly. Fortunately for you, the best quality house coal and smokeless coal merchants Stockport-wide is closer than you might think! Finding the ideal house coal or smokeless coal to burn in your fireplace, fire pit or water boiler can be a tricky task, and one that’s a lot more difficult … Readmore