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When you purchase in bulk you often need a decent place to store what it is you have bought. With coal, it can be a bit of a nightmare especially if you have bought for example three huge bags. In a perfect world where everyone has a cellar, the coal can be stored down there out of the way and in a dry, cool environment which is perfect for keeping the coal in top nick for when it needs to be used. These days though not many homes have cellars, so if you do purchase coal you may need to be a little creative with how you store it. The … Readmore

There’s nothing quite like having an open fire in your home. It creates an atmosphere that a gas or electric fire cannot replicate. An open fire gives your home a warm, cosy and welcoming environment and can create a real grand feel in your home. Christmas is the perfect time of year to fully enjoy an open fire in your home but it’s important that you maintain it all year round to really get the most out of your fireplace. We’ve put together a list of 6 points that will help you properly maintain your open fire. Safety first An open fireplace is safe and contained but of course, it … Readmore

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or to own a nice bit of open space, it’s a no brainer that once that elusive sun starts to come out more and more you’ll be entertaining your friends and family. A lot of people these days are purchasing chimineas, beautiful clay or metal contained fireplace for use outdoors. It’s such a nice vibe. Chimineas give off high heat from a small fire, so it’s perfect for huddling round once the kids have gone to bed for some grown up conversation It’s a bulbous shape with a tall chimney often on feet or legs to raise it off the ground. It … Readmore

If you didn’t already know, there are a lot of areas in the UK which are subject to smoke control, meaning you are not allowed emit smoke from your chimney unless you burn an ‘authorised fuel’ or you’re using ‘exempt appliances’ which are things like burners or stoves. There’s a fine if you’re caught breaking the law on the issue – up to an eye watering £1,000. If you’re not sure on the rules where you live then it’s easy to find out. Don’t just ask Jimmy next door, he might just be burning any old fuel regardless. The best way to discover if you live in a smoke control … Readmore

Don’t know which type of fuel is best suited to you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out the difference between the three kinds we stock and make an informed decision. Coal This traditional fuel has been heating homes for years. You can use it in an outdoor furnace, to heat your home or for cooking purposes. The yellow dancing flames that appear when you burn coal are simply mesmerising and quite soothing to watch. However, this kind of fuel does give off a lot of smoke so that’s something to take into consideration when picking your fuel type. Logs If you want less spitting, bright … Readmore

Here at Quality Coal we have the best house coal, smokeless ovals and kiln dried wood for your fires and household appliances. Our coal is Grade A – whatever origin we can get our hands on our coal may be, but it’s always Grade A. We don’t deal in dead products which won’t produce so much as a wisp of a flame. What we deal in is top quality fuel that gets your fire roaring and your stove hot so you get value for money and a lovely toasty home. Smokeless fuel such as kiln dried wood is becoming particularly popular for lots of reasons but we’ve also got a … Readmore