Monthly Archives: April 2016

There’s no doubt that over time, gardens have become a lot more extravagant. When I was a kid, you either had a yard or some grass if you were lucky. And that was it. If you had room for a shed, then check you out. But that was pretty much all the bases covered. However, since then, gardens have become a lot more intricate and usually have a design element to them. Of course this has seen a rise in popularity of landscape services and products such as artificial grass, which seems just to have sky-rocketed.   There are always certain gardening trends that come around, it’s like anything; clothes, … Readmore

Anthracite nuts are one of the naturally occurring smokeless fuels that we sell here at Quality Coal. You can easily recognise anthracite nuts because of their distinctive appearance; they’re extremely shiny, dense and hard to touch. Don’t let these little nuggets fool you – they burn with a very high heat! Despite the high heat output that they give, anthracite nuts are extremely slow burning, reliable, have a low flame and leave behind hardly any ash. It’s for this reason that they are a great choice for use in smoke control areas.   Anthracite nuts are a popular choice because they deliver consistently good temperatures. The nuts pack together tightly … Readmore

Kiln dried logs have become increasingly popular over the years as a choice for fuel. But why? Well there are many reasons and because we like to inform and explain to our customers, and any potential customers out there, before they decide which fuel to buy, we’re going to give you the low down on kiln dried logs. There are five main benefits to choosing kiln dried logs over other kinds of fuels: Gives a clean burn: Because of the drying process that kiln dried logs go through, no mould or tree spores, bugs or any bacteria are left behind. The high heat kiln completely cleans the wood which mean … Readmore