Monthly Archives: May 2016

In Winter, there’s nothing more cosy and relaxing than settling down in front of a roaring fire, favourite pyjamas on, mug of hot chocolate in hand and a good book. It’s a scene lifted straight out of a story book but with more and more people being able to incorporate open fires in their houses, thanks to smokeless coal, the scene is now deeply rooted in reality.   Now that it’s summer, or at least we’re getting some warmer days (it is the UK after all), you can pick up the scene and move it outdoors. You can still enjoy that wintery feeling, just outside. Spending a summer’s evening sat … Readmore

Smokeless coal gives off 80% less smoke than regular coal and has a more consistent burn. It’s used for things such as open fires and multi-function stoves and is the only fuel option for homeowners that live in Smoke Controlled Areas.   But why is there such a demand for smokeless coal? Well it makes sense to us now that smokeless coal would be popular as nobody wants a whirlwind of smoke, soot and dust in the air but the Clean Air Act of 1956 had a lot to do with it.   Back in 1952, the air in London was so poor and a layer of smog had descended … Readmore