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Coal can be used in shampoo. Yes, that’s correct. Shampoo. When coal is turned into coke or coal tar, it can be used in shampoo to get rid of head lice, and also very bad dandruff. You can also find coal in other medicinal shampoos and skin treatments, such as those used to combat psoriasis. It can be used in perfume too, along with essential oils and plant extracts and spices of course! Other places you wouldn’t expect to find coal, or certainly other uses for coal, are golf balls. Coal ash is used as a cheap filler for golf balls, as well as bowling balls and tennis rackets. Coal … Readmore

If you feel like you’re a bit out of the loop when it comes to all the lingo and terminology associated with coal, fuel and the different places they can be used, this little guide is a good place to learn just what on earth everyone’s talking about!   Ash Dump Like the name suggests, this is where you can dump your ash. Usually the opening has a little hinge door and can be found at the bottom of the fireplace.   Blower This is the name given to a fan which forces air under pressure.   Carbon Monoxide A very dangerous and toxic gas, Carbon Monoxide is both odourless … Readmore