Monthly Archives: July 2016

We live in a world of compromise. If we want to eat a lot of food, we have to exercise so we don’t get fat; if we drink alcohol we have to accept a hangover; if we want the best quality products we have to pay more. Similarly, if you only want to pay a little, you end up with poor quality. However, Quality Coal are here to change all that. We combine quality products with low prices to ensure we have the happiest customers that don’t have to compromise to get what they want. If you have a home with a fireplace, then you obviously want to use it … Readmore

If you are able to have an open fireplace in your home, we definitely recommend getting one. There are lots of reasons to have an open fire and here are just a handful: Cosy atmosphere There’s nothing quite like having a fire in your living space to set the mood and create a truly cosy atmosphere. The family can gather round the fire together to discuss their day, it’s a great place to just sit and read a book and the flames are often mesmerising. Love is in the air Sitting with your significant other, sharing a meal or casually sipping some wine in front of a roaring fire screams … Readmore

The thing about buying fuel is that you can never be sure of the grade or the quality of the products that you’re purchasing. Some merchants import fuel from different regions and the quality of the products can vary drastically, meaning you’re not getting the best for your money. But why is quality important when it comes to fuel? Different quality fuels might all appear the same, on the face of it, but you’ll notice the different when you come to actually using them. A low quality fuel will give you a really poor burn and cause you all kinds of problems. An inefficient burn means that you won’t get … Readmore