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Sometimes coal and its smokeless equivalent just doesn’t cut it and these people tend to opt for kiln dried logs as their all-time favourite fire fuel. The best part about kiln dried logs is that their moisture content is below 20% which means they take to a spark very easily. In fact, just 6 logs can give you a roaring fire! Storing them is much more simple than people think too and here at Quality Coal, we’re going to tell you just how to store your firewood correctly… Outside. Don’t get us wrong, storing kiln dried logs outside is perfectly fine however over prolonged periods, you may find that the … Readmore

Those who live in smoke controlled areas such as rented properties, with young children or with family members suffering from asthma know all too well the benefits that smokeless coal offers. In fact, we can all reap the advantages from this miracle piece of fuel… Smokeless fuels are not only manufactured: they can also be found naturally in the form of anthracite. Anthracite has a very high carbon content which means that it contains less volatile, or evaporative, materials and therefore does not give off any thick smoke when it is burned as fuel. Shockingly, the Asthma Society of Ireland estimated that nearly 2000 people die each year from smoky … Readmore

Coal was formed about 300 million years ago and as it takes so long to create, it is a non-renewable energy source   It must be relatively dry before it can be successfully burned. This is because it is hard to light and if you do manage to light it, it will smoke a lot more than if it was dry.   Coal is mainly used for generating electricity. It is burned to heat water and produce steam. This steam propels the blades of a turbine which is attached to a generator and produces electricity. Interestingly, 37-40% of the world’s electricity is produced from coal.   As a relatively cheap … Readmore