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Many people presume that coal and charcoal are interchangeable materials and, in some cases, they are- however, scientifically, they are not. Here is the lowdown on the differences between coal and charcoal… Charcoal Charcoal is prepared and created by burning wood and putting out the fire before it turns to ash. In fact, sometimes animal matter is burned. It is mostly a pure carbon material called char, which is made by cooking the wood in a low oxygen environment. This process takes a fair few days and its by-products are volatile compounds including water, methane, tar and hydrogen. During commercial processing of charcoal, burning occurs in large concreate silos with … Readmore

Before coal, there was wood. In fact, wood was the main source of fuel for much of the UK before coal mining came along and stole its thunder. Did you know that coal was a very important part of the industrial revolution? In fact, the need for coal during this time period kick-started the mining industry in the UK. Plus, the invention of the stream engine only furthered this need. Here at Quality Coal, we’re going to take you on a short journey through the early mining methods which were used within the UK… Bell Pit Mining was one of the earliest methods used in underground mining and its name … Readmore

As we previously emphasised, there are many dangers and health risks associated with mining which many people are unaware of. They place their coal into their open fires and enjoy the warmth and benefits that it brings, without fully appreciating the process that is endured and the risks that are taken for them to have those benefits. Here is part two of our two part blog series which explains some of the health hazards associated with mining coal… Dust is one of the main health risks which is endured during mining. Activities such as blasting and drilling mean that fine dust particles circulate the air and are able to accumulate … Readmore

As with any industry, there are many hazards associated with working in a coal mine. In fact, many people are not aware of some of the dangers that coal miners face aside from the obvious possibility of being trapped inside a collapsed mine. This actually occurred in 2012 when the famous Chilean miner incident saw 33 miners trapped half a mile underground for 69 days with only tins of tuna and biscuits to sustain them. Major incidents aside, there are some on the job health hazard and risks of coal mining and here at Quality Coal, we’re going to tell you all about them in part one of our two … Readmore

As coal was formed many years ago, some people think that it is made from fossilised dinosaurs. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is interesting to know that the process of coalification was actually taking place many years before dinosaurs roamed the earth – now that is a long time ago! Back in 1993, Sinclair Oil Corporation sponsored a dinosaur exhibit in Chicago where their campaign stated that the oil reserves found in the world were formed during the dinosaur era. However, when scientists gather factual data on where fuel actually comes from, viewpoints changed. Despite this, the campaign was a success and the brand is … Readmore