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If you have stumbled upon this blog, it is very likely that you are looking to purchase some coal- however if you are a first time buyer, you may find that you struggle to light your newly purchased coal inside the home. Thankfully, the team here at Quality Coal have put together a step by step guide to help you safely light a coal fire… The biggest secret to every successful coal fire is a small combustion chamber that allows the fire itself to take hold and reach the necessary temperatures quickly. Begin the process by taking a clean fire grate, adding two firelights in a V position and placing … Readmore

Coal is a non-renewable energy source that is mined from the earth a fossil fuel. This means that eventually our source of coal is going to run out and we will have to resort to other measures in order to get our power. Here at Quality Coal, we know how important coal is to the world, however we tend to discover that many people don’t. That’s why we’ve put together a blog on that very topic… US Dependence In the United States, 50% of electricity every day is gained from the usage of coal, which equates to around 1 billion tons of coal per year used by the States alone. … Readmore