Clean Coal Alternative

The fact that coal is a non-renewable source of energy is widely known amongst the world’s population. It was created through a process known as coalification and took millions of years to form so it’s only right that we recognise that our supply is not infinite. With this said, however, the government has also been looking into using natural resources as a way to generate energy. Here at Quality Coal, we are always excited about new ways we can help our environment and in this blog, we’re going to go over a few coal alternatives too…
Clean Coal
Coal has been used for centuries however it was only during the industrial revolution that our consumption of it sky rocketed. As it gives off a range of harmful gases that contribute to global warming, it is only right that the government are looking into an alternative for when our supply runs out. Clean coal is another great alternative and helps to limit the environmental impact of coal generation.
• In places like Russia, USA, China and India, there is an abundant supply of clean coal ready to use
• Clean coals do not give off carbon dioxide as a byproduct of burning which means that the harmful gas is not realised into the atmosphere
Here at Quality Coal, it’s safe to say that coal is our livelihood. We know everything there is to know about this little fossil fuel and we love sharing it with our readers which is why we are the best coal merchants Manchester has to offer! For more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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