Kiln Dried Logs vs Seasoned Firewood

Here at Quality Coal, we sell more than just a range of different coals; our collection also includes kiln dried logs! Both kiln dried logs and seasoned logs are excellent choices if you are looking to purchase fuel for an open fire or wood burning fire- however many people do not know the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this blog, we are going to go over the key differences…

Kiln Dried Logs

These are logs which have been dried very slowly inside a large piece of hot machinery called a kiln. It’s main objective is to remove the excess moisture from the firewood, leaving them with an average moisture content of about 20%.


  • Kiln dried logs can be burned immediately and do not have to be aired
  • Because they have such a low moisture content, they have a cleaner burn and higher heat efficiency
  • They can be bought as and when needed which means you do not have to store them in advance


  • Tend to be fairly costly compared to seasoned firewood. Despite this, the more efficient burn can help reduce cost differences

Seasoned Firewood

This type of wood has been left out to ‘season’ which, simply, means air dry naturally without the use of a kiln or other machinery. It is recommended that one buys unseasoned wood and completes the seasoning process themselves, as it can be hard to distinguish how well wood has been seasoned. When bought, they will have a moisture content of 60%, but after seasoning this can go down to around 20-30%.


  • The value of this type of firewood is very efficient as it tends to be fairly cheap to buy unseasoned logs


  • In order to season the logs, you must have room in order to store them efficiently or else the wood will end up being unusable
  • The wood is not ready to use immediately and must be aired effectively before use
  • The heat and burn generated is not as efficient as kiln dried logs

Here at Quality Coal, we may be the best coal merchants Manchester has to offer- however our range of kiln dried logs is something to compete with! Get in contact today to find out more information!

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