The fact that coal is a non-renewable source of energy is widely known amongst the world’s population. It was created through a process known as coalification and took millions of years to form so it’s only right that we recognise that our supply is not infinite. With this said, however, the government has also been looking into using natural resources as a way to generate energy. Here at Quality Coal, we are always excited about new ways we can help our environment and in this blog, we’re going to go over a few coal alternatives too… Clean Coal Coal has been used for centuries however it was only during the … Readmore

Coal is a fossil fuel that was created as a result of pressure over millions of years during a process known as coalification. It is important to recognise that since coal takes such a long time to create, it is a non-renewable source of fuel and we will eventually run out. It’s not all doom and gloom however because experts have predicted there we have enough coal to last us for around another century as current rates, In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the uses of coal in the industry… Coal is formed in hundreds of variations and it is possible for layers to be found … Readmore

London is a very busy city with hundreds of thousands of people living, working and visiting the capital each year. It’s hard to think that a city that is so beaming with life suffered one of the biggest air pollution disasters documented, which claimed over 12,000 lives. Here is the lowdown on London’s smog disaster… What was the cause? When the Industrial Revolution made its way to Britain, we became known as the ‘workshop of the world’ and our consumption of coal rose from 10 million tons per year in 1800 to around 200 million tons per year in the 1950’s! Due to this increase, a haze of smoke developed … Readmore

If you have stumbled upon this blog, it is very likely that you are looking to purchase some coal- however if you are a first time buyer, you may find that you struggle to light your newly purchased coal inside the home. Thankfully, the team here at Quality Coal have put together a step by step guide to help you safely light a coal fire… The biggest secret to every successful coal fire is a small combustion chamber that allows the fire itself to take hold and reach the necessary temperatures quickly. Begin the process by taking a clean fire grate, adding two firelights in a V position and placing … Readmore

Coal is a non-renewable energy source that is mined from the earth a fossil fuel. This means that eventually our source of coal is going to run out and we will have to resort to other measures in order to get our power. Here at Quality Coal, we know how important coal is to the world, however we tend to discover that many people don’t. That’s why we’ve put together a blog on that very topic… US Dependence In the United States, 50% of electricity every day is gained from the usage of coal, which equates to around 1 billion tons of coal per year used by the States alone. … Readmore

Here at Quality Coal, we sell more than just a range of different coals; our collection also includes kiln dried logs! Both kiln dried logs and seasoned logs are excellent choices if you are looking to purchase fuel for an open fire or wood burning fire- however many people do not know the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this blog, we are going to go over the key differences… Kiln Dried Logs These are logs which have been dried very slowly inside a large piece of hot machinery called a kiln. It’s main objective is to remove the excess moisture from the firewood, leaving them with an average moisture … Readmore

With coal readily available to us in 2017, we sometimes take for granted the process and the history behind how this famous fossil fuel came about. Here is a very brief history of coal mining… Many people are shocked to discover that coal mining and its history actually goes back thousands of years. It is only during the 19th and 20th century when the age of the industrial revolution came about that this little fossil fuel was being used primarily to power machinery such as steam engines, keep buildings warm and to generate electricity. Coal was used during this time because it yielded a higher energy per mass compared to … Readmore

Coal has been used for many years in various industries. From operating trains to heating homes, we have found uses for coal in every way possible. Presently in 2017, coal has moved further away from home use when it comes to the big industries. Here are a few of the industrial uses of coal in the 21st century…. Fuel It is widely known that the main use of coal is to create an ongoing supply of electricity. This is done by using coal as a solid fuel in order to create heat via combustion. Many efforts around the world have been implemented to try and limit the global warming caused … Readmore

It is safe to say that a crackdown on technological improvements and safety regulations have helped to reduce the injuries and deaths associated with coal mining, however in any dangerous industry there is always the risk of accidents. Here are the top 3 worst coal mining accidents in the world… Benxihu Colliery Disaster, China, 1941 Claiming 1,549 lives, the Benxihu colliery disaster of 1942 is believed to be the worst coal mining accident ever. On the 26th April in China, a fatal explosion within the underground coal mine occurred due to a mixture of gas and coal dust. In fact, the fire itself exploded out of the mine entrance. It … Readmore