House Coal

Traditional house coal has been used to heat homes and to fuel furnaces for cooking purposes for years, and it is mined readily all over the world. Coal is produced when dead plant matter goes through many stages over time ending up in the form of anthracite, and when burned produces lovely yellow dancing flames. It’s very soothing to watch and the heat is so warm and toasty, you instantly become comfortable.

The house coal we provide is incredibly high quality; Grade A or nothing for us. If you wish to order for delivery the minimum is 250kg, 1000kg if you need delivery outside a 30-mile radius of our yard in Denton. There’s no charge and we deliver daily. We work across the North West, delivering Grade A house coal to Manchester and Stockport businesses, private homes, garden centres and petrol stations – we’ll deliver wherever house coal in Manchester is needed. We have regular clients because they trust us and the products we deliver, making us your number one for all areas of fuel such as house coal in Manchester and house coal in Stockport.

Bear in mind, while the heat output from house coal is high the smoke output is also high meaning that in no-smoke zones often found in residential areas you cannot use it as fuel in your home.