Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln dried logs have become incredibly popular for lots of reasons. Kiln dried logs give the cleanest of burns thanks to the drying process. Mould or tree spores, bugs and other germs do not survive in intense high heat inside the kiln and so the wood itself is clean meaning you can store the logs in your home no worries. There’s less spitting and a bright flame with a gorgeous woody smell that isn’t smoky. The moisture content of our kiln dried logs is drastically lower than that of seasoned wood or logs you collect yourself meaning that the reliability of the wood is consistent; they are all dried to the same standard, allowing them an immediate burn.

With other types of wood there’s the chance that there is residual moisture inside making your fire burn at less than optimum heat or worse, not start at all. You need to buy more wood which requires you to spend more money. Our kiln dried logs are more expensive however they last around 40% longer than regular fuel and you use less, so if you do the maths it works out cheaper in the long run. Plus, kiln dried wood is lighter so no need to lug heavy fuels around.

Blackened or smeared glass in your stove? Blocked or clogged up flues and pipes? Well not any more! That’s another great thing using about kiln dried logs in Manchester and Stockport –less damage to your appliances. If your interest has been piqued, then check out our selection and remember minimum order amount for delivery is 250kg, 1000kg if you require delivery outside a 30-mile radius of our yard in Denton. Delivery for kiln dried logs in Manchesterl and Stockport is free and we deliver daily – our drivers don’t stop bringing kiln dried logs to Manchester and Stockport homes and businesses from the minute they start up in the morning to the minute they down tools for the day!