Smokeless Coal

Our smokeless Coal burn at a consistently higher heat than house coal and gives off 80% less smoke making it the only solid fuel homeowners are permitted to use in no-smoke zones. The ovals last around 40% longer meaning you don’t need to refuel as often which in turns means that using smokeless coal works out as more cost effective than house coal. Because of their smokeless properties, our ovals are great for use in open fires, multi-function stoves and glass front stoves alike. They easy to light too which means less fiddling around and more time in front of a relaxing toasty fire!
Minimum order amount for delivery is 250kg, 1000kg if you require delivery outside a 30-mile radius of our yard in Denton. Delivery is free and we deliver daily – our trucks don’t stop from the minute they start up in the morning to the minute we down tools for the day! We operate all over the North West, delivering smokeless coal to Manchester and Stockport businesses, homes, garden centres and petrol stations – wherever coal is needed we’ll deliver. We also stock a range of accessories to complement your purchases, making us your number one for all aspects of fuel such as smokeless coal in Manchester and smokeless coal in Stockport.