The Use of Coal in 2017

Coal has been used for many years in various industries. From operating trains to heating homes, we have found uses for coal in every way possible. Presently in 2017, coal has moved further away from home use when it comes to the big industries. Here are a few of the industrial uses of coal in the 21st century….


It is widely known that the main use of coal is to create an ongoing supply of electricity. This is done by using coal as a solid fuel in order to create heat via combustion. Many efforts around the world have been implemented to try and limit the global warming caused by coal use, such as developing clean coal technology and natural gases.  However the world currently relies on coal for 40% of its power.


This can be used in order to produce a mix of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen known as syngas. It is usually used in order to help gas turbine produce electricity however it can also be turned into fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

Refined Coal

Refined coals are the result of upgraded coal technology which removes moisture and pollutants from low ranked coals. It is one the many treatments that can alter coals characteristics before it is placed into a furnace and burned.

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