The World’s Worst Coal Mining Accidents

It is safe to say that a crackdown on technological improvements and safety regulations have helped to reduce the injuries and deaths associated with coal mining, however in any dangerous industry there is always the risk of accidents. Here are the top 3 worst coal mining accidents in the world…

Benxihu Colliery Disaster, China, 1941

Claiming 1,549 lives, the Benxihu colliery disaster of 1942 is believed to be the worst coal mining accident ever. On the 26th April in China, a fatal explosion within the underground coal mine occurred due to a mixture of gas and coal dust. In fact, the fire itself exploded out of the mine entrance. It was reported that the mine operator shut off the ventilation system in order to deprive the area of oxygen- however carbon monoxide poisoning due to the lack of ventilation is thought to have caused most of the deaths during the incident, not the initial explosion.

Senghenydd Colliery Disaster, United Kingdom, 1913

Known as the worst coal mining accident to ever occur in the United Kingdom, this disaster is a lot closer to home. On the 13th October, a fatal explosion occurred due to coal dust and 439 miners were killed. Similarly to the Chinese mining accident above, many of the miners who survived the initial explosion later succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Monongah Coal Mine Disaster, USA, 1907

Being the largest coal mining catastrophe to ever occur in the United States, this coal mine disaster occurred on the 6th December when two mines suffered deadly explosions. It is reported that the death toll came to 362, with the majority being Italian immigrants looking for work. It is thought that the cause of the explosions was electrical arcs or open lights.

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